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Goffey believes in fixed, open and agreed pricing – before any work is done.  

There is a simple price list for most services which is available to clients once they have accepted the quote and engagement letters.

The most frequent complaint made against professional firms is that clients are seldom made aware, in advance, of the fees to be levied. This will often result in clients’ surprise at the fee charged or the unexpected bill.  Clients then feel under pressure to ‘pay-up and shut-up’ to avoid any unpleasantness.  They quite often start looking for a new provider.

Goffey will provide you with an Annual Fee Quotation for recurring services - agreed in advance. This makes you aware of the fees to be charged each year.  Furthermore, we also offer our clients the facility to pay monthly (interest free).  

Our fees are all-inclusive.  We will include all meetings, letters, telephone calls and emails in relation to the agreed services without any further charges. This means when the work is carried out you will not receive any surprise bills. We find this also improves the service we offer, as clients no longer worry about the ‘clock ticking’.  

If your circumstances change, or you do not complete the records as we discussed, or you require further assistance during the year, we would offer an additional quote for any extra services at this point without any further obligation.


Pricing - What we charge

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Goffey’s pricing and standing order scheme is very simple and works both for your cashflow and ours.  Standing orders commence 3 months after your year end for 12 months.  Therefore, you will complete the payment schedule 3 months after the year end.  In this 3 month period we will aim to complete your services.  We can then discuss the accounts, tax payments or other work together with fees for the forthcoming 12 months.  You therefore have the reassurance that the work will not result in last-minute tax demands or late filing penalties. (Subject to you letting us have all the relevant paperwork within our timescales!)


Monthly Standing Order Scheme

A fee quote detailing the services we believe you require will be sent to you.  We hope you will accept the fee quote but, there is no obligation nor charges for this discussion.  If a face-to-face meeting is not practical, we are very much used to dealing with clients by telephone and email.

If you like what you see, we would be delighted to talk to you.  

Taxation for Individuals

Accounting for Business

Fixed and Agreed Quotes

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