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There are many situations where a quick reminder is all that is needed.  This is the space for those gentle nudges!

By timfarley, Feb 2 2019 04:09PM

You may be asking yourself this question when there are so many different online packages for business use.

At Goffey we pride ourselves on being there for every stage of your company’s growth and development. From initial start-up business planning, forming a company to thinking about the implications of expansion, retirement and good business planning along the way. We are here to help you.

You may think you can’t afford an accountant but do you have the time to carry out all the tasks associated with taxes? By working with Goffey, not only save you time but give you peace of mind that that we are taking care of all the details for you.

We are happy to meet with clients to talk through requirements, a no fee, no obligation meeting can be arranged at your convenience. Start the new financial year with the assurance of knowing your tax liabilities will be efficiently dealt with by Goffey.

By timfarley, Sep 2 2016 08:05AM

Accountancy is not like plumbing or car repairs - it is not a service that you know you need. You do not wake up one morning and decide, today I will appoint an accountant! I hear from friends and associates that 'My business is too small to need your services!' or if you are a higher rate taxpayer you assume that the payroll will sort out my tax for me.

Whilst both these statements are correct, if you are self-employed, do you have the January stress of arranging all your records, collating all the income and expenses, registering for HMRC, input the figures onto their form, then allowing a tax calculation with no explanation.

Do you know all the costs that you can claim? Are you happy doing your calculation of income and expenses? Do you understand the HMRC forms?

If you are liable to higher rates of tax, are you claiming for work related expenses? Is your bonus taking you temporarily into higher rates? This can have a bearing on more than one tax year.

You won't know what it costs or what potential saving you could make without having a discussion with me. For the monthly price of accounting software, you could have all this done for you - together with ongoing advice and explanations.

By timfarley, Dec 22 2014 02:20PM

I would like to Thank all my clients for their continued support and business over the past 12 months. Whilst some areas of the high street are struggling, I believe we are finally seeing some green shoots. I would like to wish all my clients a Happy and restful Holiday break, and look forward to helping them drive their business forward over the coming months.

Have a great break.

Kind regards

Tim (aka Goffey)

By timfarley, Sep 19 2014 03:17PM

This is a reminder that if you have a new source of income - for instance letting your home or a souce of self-employment - you need to fill in a tax return. There are deadlines for not advising HMRC in time.

If this applies to you, and you require some assistance registering and also ongoing accountancy and tax advice, we would be delighted to talk to you.

There is no charge, nor obligation for an initial discussion.

By timfarley, Jul 30 2014 10:22AM

Summer is traditionally a time when we all relax, on the beach, at a barbeque, with family, friends or loved ones. What is really important in life? What are the dreams? How can these dreams become reality?

You may want a bigger house, less debt, better holiday. All of these are totally possible, but the first stage must always be a plan. What will it cost? Over what time period? What is affordable? There is no point thinking about dreams without putting some planning into action....It will never happen unless you make it.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again. This time more intelligently!

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